Residential Cannabis Experts

Who We Are.


We are one of the first cannabis companies in Ontario that specializes in the professional installation of residential grow equipment but it doesn't stop there! It is Weed Tech's mission to educate everyone on how to grow their own cannabis, so we offer in home, hands on training with your own grow equipment on your own cannabis plants!

What We Do.


Weed Tech installation experts install your new equipment, walk you through the germination process and care of your new indoor garden then we help you start your new cannabis seeds! After you have some seedlings Weed Tech offers a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Learn to Grow course so you can learn to care for your cannabis like a real pro! 

Why Choose Us?


At Weed Tech we are very passionate about all things cannabis and the benefits that it brings to the entire world. We love cannabis and the Earth that it comes from, which is why all of Weed Tech's products are 100% Eco friendly.

The weed tech service

Professionally Installed and Fully Qualified


 You're in good hands with our professionally trained installation experts. With years of discreet residential and guerrilla growing experience along with knowledge of all things cannabis,  our technicians are fast, informative, and friendly! Weed Tech employs only fully trained and qualified industry professionals to ensure that you get a safe and effective garden. 

Cannabis Maintenance


 Weed Tech is very enthusiastic about producing happy healthy cannabis plants for all of its customers to enjoy.  The easiest way to ensure that you get the largest yield and best possible quality from your bud? Weed Tech has a team of experienced and qualified cannabis maintenance technicians that will routinely check up on your plants.  Check out The Grow Room for more info on ACMPR patient maintenance packages!

Learning To Grow?


If you are new to growing cannabis and want to get the most out of your investment, Weed Tech offers an in home Learn to Grow training package  for all stages of growth and on a variety of different cannabis growing topics depending on your particular grow.  From controlling the algae monster in your hydroponic reservoir to the simple and effective defoliation. Weed Tech offers in home, hands on training so you get the best yield possible!

Organic Soil or Hydroponic?


 No matter which growing medium you want to learn to grow with, we can help with a customized Learn to Grow training course based off your type of grow. 

Like to DIY?


Weed Tech offers complete grow tent packages with everything you will need to get started growing. These packages are offered installed or delivered. For details on what our packages include check out of store!

Cannabis Education


If there is one thing Weed Tech is passionate about it is educating as many people as possible about cannabis and all the insane benefits that this wonderful plant brings to not only society but humanity as a whole! Check out our Instagram for daily posts @weedtechsniagara !


Dry and Cure


 When compared to trimming and manicuring your plants, the drying seems easy! That is, until mould creeps into your hard grown crop and leaves you with unusable cannabis. Never fear though, when Weed Tech is near, we offer a dehydrating process that guarantees no mould and more importantly to quickly and evenly dry your cannabis.   



 One of the most tedious and some times painful part of growing your own cannabis is when it is time to remove all the fan leaves and manicure your beautiful bud. Yet again, Weed Tech has you in mind and we offer a complete Weed Tech Harvest package that includes the arduous task of trimming. 



 Everyone has a preference when it comes to what, where, why and how they package their cannabis. Our outlook is this, if it is air tight it will perform. Whatever sort of packaging your crop requires Weed Tech can assist.